Who We Are

We are facilitators; connecting Employers seeking top-notch staff and Applicants looking for a career move that is the perfect fit for them.

Our business is about helping employers, be they corporations or communities, and career changers or job seekers succeed.

French Connection Staffing works with a diverse range of industries from finance to marketing; from trade shows to fashion and much more. Our clients are Fortune 500s to Startups located throughout 50 States.

How We Do It

No matter which side of the desk you’re sitting at, the process by which we help is similar.

First, we listen to you! Only by understanding your parameters, needs, and goals can we create a customized plan to meet your immediate and long-range staffing or career priorities.

Second, we share with you the complex and various aspects of your needs from a staffing perspective. We utilize national and international contacts and a full complement of technological tools to further your search.

What We Believe

We believe every client deserves the best fit when it comes to staffing and position held.

This is why we ask so many questions; master the details and nuances of the job requirements; visit the actual workplace environment; screen and review both candidates and employers, and only then start meshing applicants and employers.

We love what we do. Matching personalities, values, and work ethic are just as important to us as it is to you.


French Connection Staffing – your trusted partner for long-term workforce solutions and career moves.